AMN About us

Astraco Medical Networks Ltd. (will be call as AMN) is the leading company in medical aesthetic devices and cosmeceutical technologies over three decades and AMN has just celebrated 35 th anniversary in 2020. AMN has a major partner in Israel, The Koortrade Group, who has subsidiaries located at key strategic locations around the globe. AMN offers the wide range of rejuvenation and anti-aging technologies to make the most effective solutions for customers.  
AMN believes that the key to commercial success is keeping familiarity with customers by high collaboration of function structure, which can be divided into 4 functions are as follows:
  • ECS (Executive Customer Service as Sales) Function
  • Clinical Support Function
  • Services Function
  • Administration & Marketing Function

AMN Characteristics
Elegantly, smart and trustful with highly standard, accountable commitment come along with the reasonably fair conclusions for all.

Author: K. Nareerat Charoenvutiwongsa


Corporate Policy
AMN's business policy is offering the RSC strategy to our customers.
  • Reasonable Price: Offering good innovation devices, certified technologies with a fair and reasonable price and promised quality to our customers.
  • Service Mind: Providing good services with timeliness to customers in order to corporation with customer's high satisfaction and happiness.
  • Long-term Commitment: Focusing on developing long-term relationship with customers through reliability and trustworthiness. The consequence of working hand to hand with customers and business policy, AMN is recognized with the rapidity of post sale services and professionally technical supports since AMN had been established till now.
By having "3G" policy to run the organization is as follows:
  • Good Job: AMN emphasizes on employee’s happiness and how enjoyable work is in a good atmosphere of workplace and the opportunity for career growth.
  • Good Money: AMN accepts that highly motivation should come together with reasonable paying and substantial income increasing.
  • Good Health: AMN focuses on healthy working by providing the medical care and health insurance for staff’s benefits.

Corporate philosophy and visions:
To be one of the best managed corporation in "White Oceans" with emphasis on sustainable growth by building competence through people development.  Maintain the consistency of Corporate social responsibility with strong and good corporate culture for long-term business efficiency, thus the intension to stabilize business structure consistently as the immortal of the phoenix.  As long as the sun still shines to the earth...  the phoenix will be always alive.